Sale of Guzheng (古筝售卖)

Heritage Strings & Arts carries one of the widest range of guzheng in Singapore and we probably also carry the widest selection of semi-hollowed guzhengs. As we are collaborating directly with the manufacturer of the Chuancheng brand, we are hence able to sell most of our guzhengs at the same price as what we are selling in China.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, at Heritage Strings, we might just have the Guzheng (古筝) for you!

Browse through our selections for the Guzheng (古筝) below.

Getting A New Instrument?

Don’t have your own Guzheng (古筝) to get started on your musical journey? Browse our curated collection of Guzheng (古筝) at our Heritage Strings, catering to all musical levels.


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