Guzheng (古筝)

Japanese Sycamore Fully-Hollowed Guzheng 整挖筝 (SC088)


The fully-hollowed soundboard is made from a 60 year old Japanese Sycamore tree. After felling the tree, it is then air-lifted to the warehouse where it will be wind-dried under special conditions for at least 3 years before our Japanese craftsmen start working on it.

There was a total of 7 guzhengs made from this tree and this currently is the only 1 left in Singapore after we sold 2 away. The remaining 4 are still in China. Being fully-hollowed, this guzheng not only produces rich reverberating tones from each string, but it is also able to retain its sound quality for at least 60 years.

This is the perfect instrument for the collector who not only appreciates the aesthetics of the Japanese craftsmanship but also the beauty of its melody that would last for decades to come.

Brand: ChuanCheng

Length: 163cm

Model No: SC088

Place of Origin: Japan

String number: 21

String Material: Steel wire nylon string

Sound Board: Fully-Hollowed 60yrs old Japanese Sycamore

Back & Side Panel: 60yrs old Japanese Sycamore

Structure: Brazilwood and Golden Champhorwood

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