Guzheng (古筝)

Dancing Crane (LX541A)



The engraving on the zither is meticulously crafted. It reflects the beautiful heritage of Chinese culture. Although it is a beginner’s zither, the details are exquisite. The front mountain on the guzheng uses a bamboo strip which optimises the transfer of sound. High-precision steel tuning pegs are durable and prevents the guzheng from going out of tune. The guzheng is made of solid wood which effectively brings out it’s beautiful timbre.

Brand: ChuanCheng

Size: 1.6m

Model No: LX541

Place of Origin: Jiangsu

String number: 21

String Material: Steel wire nylon string

Sound Board Material: Sycamore

Back and Side Panel Material: Mahogany

Structure Material: Solid wood

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