08 September 2023
Year 2023
September 2023

Crystal Chia Sze Yun

Crystal has over 10 years of experience as a player and a teacher of the Guzheng. She started off mentoring groups of peers who were assigned to her by the ensemble instructor throughout her earlier school days. This was the beginning of her teaching experience within ensemble settings. Subsequently she came under the tutelage of Ms Fernanda Wee Wei Xuan (Principal, Heritage Strings & Arts). Crystal began to give Guzheng lessons upon Ms Fernanda Wee’s reccomendation.

Crystal has held various key appointments such as ensemble and plucked strings section leader both in the Guzheng ensemble as well as the Chinese orchestra, throughout the course of her studies up till university. She has received guidance from various teachers such as Mdm Zhang Xiao Yan, Mr Duan Fei and Ms Yan Yu, at different stages of her studies. She is currently the President of Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) Chinese Orchestra.

As the distinguished protege of Ms Fernanda Wee, she continues to be under Ms Wee’s mentorship, receiving insights into the intricacies of Guzheng performance. Crystal is committed to share her knowledge and passion, continuing the legacy of her teacher.

Translated and edited by Cen Hai Shan Jun 2023






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