08 September 2023
Year 2023
September 2023

Edwin Liew

Edwin Liew hails from Sarawak, Kuching. Driven by curiosity he started taking Guzheng lessons at 13, with Associate Professor (Pipa) Mdm Kou Xiu Mei from Henan China. Under Mdm Kou’s strict and detailed tutelage, Edwin was awarded Shanghai Music Conservatory Guzheng Grade 10 Diploma (Distinction) in 2010.

He represented Malaysia in 2011 at the Second International Zheng Contest held in Hong Kong, impressing the judging panel with his rendition of Morning Mist winning the Gold prize under the Overseas category.

In 2019 he was invited to compete in the 5th Malaysia Zheng Art Festival competition in Kuala Lumpur, organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, where he won the Gold Honour prize for the Open category.

Edwin upholds his pedagogical values of simplicity which enables his students to master their learning in relatable ways. He includes elements of popular repertoire in his classes to motivate students. He is of the firm belief that a solid grounding in Guzheng playing techniques coupled with music theory knowledge, enables a student to master all types of repertoires well.

Translated and edited by Cen Hai Shan


刘镇荣老师为马来西亚籍古筝演奏家,出生于砂拉越古晋。十三岁在好奇心的驱使下学习古筝,启蒙于中国河南省琵琶副教授 – 寇秀梅老师。在寇女士的严谨教导及悉心培养下,于 2010 年以特优的成绩考获上海音乐学院古筝十级证书。刘老师在 2011 年代表马来西亚赴香港所举办的《第二届国际古筝比赛》,以《晓雾》获得评审团的青睐,荣获海外组金奖。他于2019年受邀参与吉隆坡举办的《第五届马来西亚国际古筝艺术节》并荣获公开组及即兴创作组荣誉金奖。



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