08 September 2023
Year 2023
September 2023

Mei Xin graduated from Southwest University of China, majoring in preschool education. She obtained the Advance Certification in Guzheng from China Conservatory of Music.

She was born in Xunyang, a thousand-year-old ancient city now known as Jiujiang City in China Jiangxi Province. Her formative years were accompanied by Chinese poetry, the misty Lushan mountains, Xunyang Tower, Pipa Pavilion and White Deer Grotto Academy 
Under the influence of traditional culture, Mei Xin fell in love with
the guzheng at 6 years old. She studied under the guzheng professor of the local university music school for ten years, which laid a solid foundation.

Mei Xin has studied with various renowned guzheng masters from all over China, in Beijing, Chengdu and Yangzhou. She has studied with Ms Cui
Xiao Tong (among the top ten young promising guzheng performers of recent years), Ms. Yang Xi a guzheng artist, Mr. Deng Yi Qun and Mr. Wang Zhong Shan.

She was selected as a member of the “Yanhuang Guzheng Art Troupe” helmed by Guzheng artist Ms. Yang Xi. Mei Xin was invited to perform in the public welfare performance of Donglin Temple in Jiujiang, China. She has also been frequently invited to perform as a guest artiste with various Chinese pop artistes such as Han Xue, Peter Ho, Zhou Bichang, Pu Shu, Penny Tai and Amu.

Translated and edited by Cen Hai Shan


毕业于中国西南大学学前教育专业, 获中国音乐学院古筝专业高级教师资格证。


她常年赴中国北京、成都、扬州等地向各大古筝演奏家学习古筝技巧。学习名家有:十大青年古筝演奏家崔晓彤、古筝艺术家杨西老师、青年古筝演奏家邓翊群、古筝名家王中山等。入选古筝艺术家杨西老师领衔的“炎黄古筝艺术团”担任演奏成员。她曾受邀参加中国九江东林寺公益汇演,进行古筝表演并多次参加明星歌友会,担任古筝表演嘉宾。 合作过的明星有 韩雪、何润东、周笔畅、朴树、戴佩妮、阿木。


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